Kayak Canoe Wall Rack Storage Brackets


Store your kayak or canoe safely and conveniently!

These Kayak Wall Rack Storage Brackets are constructed with heavy-duty steel which allows for the storage of kayaks of most any size. Their tube design features padded foam cradles to prevent damage. An extra large hook at the bottom of each cradle allows for the convenient storage of paddles or other accessories.

The installation of these light-weight brackets is quick and easy. The storage arms can be folded up against the wall when not in use to avoid accidents. The brackets are attractive in design and are red in colour.

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· Sleek, modern design

· Heavy-duty steel construction

· Stores any size kayak

· Red in colour

· Lightweight

· Easy installation

· Accessory storage


· Item Code: NOS-7

· Carton Measurement: 54.5×51.5x7cm

· Carton Gross Weight: 2.5kg

Package Content:

1 x Kayak Canoe Wall Rack Storage Brackets


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