Explore Rio (part 2) – Other Top Sites.

Whilst Sugarloaf Mountain may be my favourite experience in Rio, there’s still plenty of other places to explore. I can remember the moment I fell in love with Rio de Janeiro. Or more clearly, the moment leading up to it. Where everything fell into place, and I just knew.

Here’s three other spots well worth your time. 

Christ the Redeemer (or Cristo Redentor)

Another iconic of Rio, Cristo Redentor is worth the trip. As it can be crowded, it’s well worth the effort to get to the station a bit early so you have your pick of the seats. It will be tempting and natural to want to take the seats on the left, as they face up. However, sit on the right-hand side of the train. The left side has a lot of foliage, whilst the right side gives you a spectacular view of the city. 

Personally, I didn’t feel any type of personal enlightenment or fulfilment that others feel, however it was still great to see. We took a few classic photos, such as the arms outstretched. For me, the view of the city was worth the price of admission. We could see all of Rio, including the Bay, beaches and lakes.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

This lake is a massive lagoon and has it all, allowing you to choose from a range of different activities. Go for a run, cycle around the lagoon another day, go for a row on the water. The walk affords many views, including of sugarloaf mountain (I know, I like it). I spent 10 days in Rio, and time at the lagoon was a daily activity. Some days I was able to cycling around the lake, other times it was good for a light stroll at sunset, a way to unpack and unwind after a day of exploring. 

Mosteiro de Sao Bento

The entrance is hidden away in a side street, so it may take a while to find. Take the elevator to the entrance above. What’s unique about this monastery, and the reason you should visit, is the interior. The entire interior is decorated in gold. For me, there was definitely a feeling of awe that something like this would be constructed, including the intricacies of the carvings. 

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About the author: Travis McMullen
I've spent a few years travelling the world, living in different countries. I climb and explore the outdoors. As an outdoor adventurer and expedition instructor, I operate in challenging and remote environments with changing weather conditions, ambiguity in route, and settings with real risk. I have to constantly make decisions and reevaluate situations in a calm, considered and rational manner to ensure safety and success.

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