Dubai on a budget.

Dubai has become one of the world’s major air hubs. It’s certainly a stopover from Australia to Europe and vice versa. It’s airport is enormous. It’s city is super modern, sleek and expensive. So when’s the best time to travel there? Where do you go once you’re there to discover the best products and deals? Where’s the best place to stay? Lost LeBlanc knows Dubai well and shares his knowhow in this great video.

Do you like Dubai? How often have you been?

Dubai for affordable travellers.
About the author: Tim Bond
I'm a writer, photographer and traveller... Together with my partner Liz, I travel the world exploring and discovering. I started Explore in Awe as a way for like minded travellers to connect - and share stories, advice and images as well as enjoy some great deals from brands and professionals who have partnered with us.

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