Hawaii’s Spectacular Sunrises

One of the great joys of hiking and camping is that you are usually perfectly placed to witness a magnificent sunrise. (or sunset!)  Fold back the tent and lie there marvelling at the grandeur of it all. Which brings us to the 50th US State. Hawaii. A tropical gem in the middle of the Pacific, approximately halfway between the continental US and Australia.

Sunrise seems to be extra special when seen through the silhouette of palm trees, or from the top of a wind swept peak. Hawaii has plenty of both. Immerse yourself and be in awe of the beauty that is an Hawaiian sunrise.


Sunrise over Hanapepe Bay


An exhilarating Sunrise on top of Haleakala


Sunset view on Kauai


Sunrise over Kauai Golf Course


                                     all images credit Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTS)/ Tor Johnson


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