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Hawaii’s Spectacular Sunrises

Tim Bond December 12, 2018

Capture Better Environmental Portraits

Drew Hopper October 3, 2018

Travelling with a Light Footprint

Drew Hopper November 2, 2018

Welcome. We’ve created this site for people who love to travel and explore our amazing planet. We’re building a community of travellers, each sharing their stories, photos and videos as well as asking and giving advice. You can make new travel friends while you buy and sell within our classifieds section. Simply click the Join the Community button above. And keep your eye out for guest posts from experts in their field, with great advice on how to travel well. So welcome – we hope you enjoy the ride.

Our Byron Bay Beach Series as Acrylic Blocks!

Just in time for Christmas we’ve launched our magnificent Byron Bay Beach series of images as professional quality acrylic blocks.

Know someone who loves the beach? How about someone who just needs the calming influence of a magnificent beach-scape? Perfect as a one of a kind gift, you can choose between three different images, or three as a complete set. With sizes from 18cm x 13cm up to 30cm x 30cm. Order now to make sure you get your Byron Bay Beach acrylic block ready for Christmas. Discover more here.

Drew Hopper contributes.

Drew Hopper is an award winning travel, documentary and editorial photographer. When he isn’t travelling the world capturing spectacular moments, he calls Australia home. Captivated by the diversity of cultures, people and environment, Drew ventures far and wide to capture pictures that define his experiences with the vision that they will impact and inspire an audience in a way individual to each viewer.  We’re proud to have Drew share his insights and experience with us. We’ll have regular articles from Drew on travel photography and travel in general. Welcome Drew! Read Drew’s blog “Travelling with a Light Footprint”.

Hazy bushfire sunset, southern end of Noosa Beach, Qld Australia

Bestway Hydro Force Kayak

$176.50 Add to cart

40L Portable Wheel Water Tank – Grey

$79.50 Add to cart

Byron Bay Series – acrylic block

$109.00$638.00 Select options

60L Portable Fridge & Freezer

$542.50 Add to cart

If we don't help Mother Nature, there'll be nothing left to Explore in Awe.

We think we should pay back. After all we can’t explore in awe, if the world we love is in ruins, So where we can, we’re going to highlight foundations and causes that you can support – people who are trying their hardest to maintain this beautiful, magnificent, ‘only one we have’ world. Here’s Stewart Christie to tell you about The Reef Restoration Foundation, in Far North Queensland.

DONATE to the Reef Restoration Foundation HERE

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