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Stand Out From The Crowd.

Drew Hopper August 25, 2019

Dubai on a budget.

Tim Bond August 23, 2019

How to Travel Europe on $1000 a month.

Tim Bond August 23, 2019

About Us

Welcome. We’ve created this site for people who love to travel and explore our amazing planet. We’re building a community of travellers, each sharing their stories, photos and videos as well as asking and giving advice. You can make new travel friends while you buy and sell within our classifieds section. Simply click the ‘Join Us’ button above. And keep your eye out for guest posts from experts in their field, with great advice on how to travel well. So welcome – we hope you enjoy the ride.

10 Travel Mistakes Learnt From Experience.

When you usually see lists of the ’10 things to avoid/don’t do/when you travel’ they are usually big ticket items like how to book tickets etc. This list is a little different in that it’s been put together by a real traveller, not a tourist. The points Monica Church raises are personal observations that really make a difference to enjoying your time away.

Have a look. Do you have a list of things you gotta do before and while you travel?

Let us know.

If we don't help Mother Nature, there'll be nothing left to Explore in Awe.

We think we should pay back. After all we can’t explore in awe, if the world we love is in ruins, So where we can, we’re going to highlight foundations and causes that you can support – people who are trying their hardest to maintain this beautiful, magnificent, ‘only one we have’ world. Here’s Stewart Christie to tell you about The Reef Restoration Foundation, in Far North Queensland.

DONATE to the Reef Restoration Foundation HERE

Sunrise at Shelly

About four hours north of the five million plus city of Sydney, you’ll discover beautiful Port Macquarie. With an incredible coastline of beautiful beaches to explore – just like this one – it’s a great location If you want to escape city stress. Shelly Beach – particularly stunning at Sunrise.

Like fireworks at New Year’s Eve, everyone pauses while the sun sets over Santorini

Suitcase Monkey is a husband and wife team who are travelling the world’s most beautiful places.  Jealous, yet? While giving good advice on the destinations best features.

And this video aptly named ‘4 Beautiful Days in Santorini’ is no exception.

Quote of the vid: “Like fireworks at New Year’s Eve, everyone pauses while the sun sets over Santorini”

Have you been? Do you want to go? Let us know what you think.

(Oh and make sure to visit their channel and give the video a big thumbs up!)

Mark Harrison is our kind of adventurer.

He goes to some spectacular places. He shoots dome wild video of magnificent places. He does it with style.

Have a look at this terrific video he’s put together for Sri Lanka. He highlights the unknown spots. Nad you know what that means…no tourists!

Check out Mark’s video below.

Have you been to SL? Do you want to go? (You will after you watch this!)

Are you over all the usual places to travel?

Looking for somewhere different…either off the beaten track or outside  your comfort zone?

While we may not all have the stamina or the the desire to try and conquer Everest, there are plenty of other places (still) that get the adrenalin pumping.

And for some of us that could be the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world – the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.  (more than 2,500 people cross the street every time the signal changes!)

The creators at UNILAD have put together their list of the best destinations to visit in 2019.  What do you think? Have you visited any of these great sites? Let us know.

Ever want to just pack it all in and go see the world?

Every day, right? Here’s a great vid from 40 North Designs that chronicles a couples journey around the world in 200 days.

Not a lot of talking but lots of spectacular images. From Spain to Uganda and everywhere in between.

Could you do this? Just up and leave everything behind and discover the world?

Could you do it in one go – 200 days or more?  That’s the dream, right?

Backpack India

Hands up everyone who wants to backpack India?

India. What a country of diverse cultures, tastes, smells, sights and people. It’s a place to go as a tourist once, and a traveller for ever.

But it is so different from ‘the normal’ that it can be a just a little overwhelming. Make that ‘a lot’ overwhelming, the sensory overload can hit you hard.

Here’s one man’s adventure as he backpacks through this incredible country…it’s a great backpackers travel guide.

Have you been? Do you want to go? Do you have any good or bad stories from the sub-continent? Let us know.

Our Byron Bay Beach Series as Acrylic Blocks!

Presenting our magnificent Byron Bay Beach series of images as professional quality acrylic blocks.

Know someone who loves the beach? How about someone who just needs the calming influence of a magnificent beach-scape? Perfect as a one of a kind gift, you can choose between three different images, or three as a complete set. With sizes from 18cm x 13cm up to 30cm x 30cm. Order your Byron Bay Beach acrylic block now! Discover more here.

Drew Hopper contributes.

Drew Hopper is an award winning travel, documentary and editorial photographer. When he isn’t travelling the world capturing spectacular moments, he calls Australia home. Captivated by the diversity of cultures, people and environment, Drew ventures far and wide to capture pictures that define his experiences with the vision that they will impact and inspire an audience in a way individual to each viewer.  We’re proud to have Drew share his insights and experience with us. We’ll have regular articles from Drew on travel photography and travel in general. Welcome Drew! Read Drew’s blog “Stand out from the Crowd” here.

Spectacular Woolgoolga Beach on the New South Wales north coast. A beautiful area to explore.

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