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North Stradbroke Beauty

It constantly amazes me how blessed we are to live in South East Queensland. So many of us plan overseas adventures when there is so…
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The Complete Everest Base Camp Trek – 2020

Want to experience the feeling for what it’s like climbing Everest? This is a great video that shows just the amount of determination, stamina and, some would say, craziness you need to climb to the roof of the world. Have you done the Everest climb? Would you like to? Or would you rather watch someone else do it? Let us know.

A climb worth the 3am start.

Mt Warning in Northern New South Wales (practically at the Qld border) was named by Captain Cook in 1770 as he sailed up the East Coast on his voyage of discovery. The indigenous name is Wollumbin. It’s what’s left of the Magma Core of the long extinct Tweed Volcano. The entire area from the Tweed range in Northern NSW through to the Lamington National Park in Southern Qld, is absolutely spectacular. Some would rightly argue a national treasure. The climb up (as Elisha shares with us in her latest story) is roughly two hours, and is NOT for the feint hearted. Matt Harrison posted this video a few years ago, it is definitely worth a watch, especially for the the culmination of the climb – Sunrise.

Live The Vanlife With Your Own Customised Van.

If you want to start living the Vanlife dream, start out with the right van, one built just for you and your needs. Here’s a great video of van building advice from Exploring Alternatives. There’s a lot of clever thinking involved plus a lot of love and passion for the project. What would you add for lifestyle on the road? Let us know.

10 Must Know Japan Travel Tips

Travelling to a new country can take a little getting used to and some are definitely easier than others. Most Western countries share some cultural norms, so it’s not hard to ‘get in the flow’. (There are some exceptions of course – NEVER innocently say “Thanks Digger” to an African American. He’ll misunderstand you, and probably tear you a new one.) But why would you go to all the expense of travel, to visit somewhere like where you just left? Discovering the new is what drives us…and that’s where Japan comes to the fore. No matter how much you read, or how many videos you watch, you’re simply not prepared for the first time you step foot in the land of the rising sun. But here’s a good start…Paolo from Tokyo has some good advice you don’t find in the average travel brochures. Have you been to Japan? What did you think. Join the community and share your stories… we can’t wait to read them.

The Hardest Rock Climb in Thailand

Rock climbing takes a certain kind of grit. A mental strength and a focus on purpose that most of us Simply don’t have. The very best are committed to their goal. Steve Townshaend is one of those special people. After breaking his finger on the hardest Sport Climbing Route in Thailand three years ago, Steve Townshend came back to try it again.

Tips to Surviving Long Flights.

A lot of us already know the basic tips for surviving a long flight, right? But there are things you can do that can actually help you enjoy the flight (unless of course you’re flying Business or First Class, in which case you can’t do anything BUT enjoy the flight!) Here’re some great tips from the Vagabrothers, some you’ll know, some you won’t. Do you have any special airline hacks that make the experience better? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your stories.

Three Leopards Just Having a Stroll.

From the Londolozi Game Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Nusa Penida: Expectations vs Reality

Nusa Penida, is a small island off the coast of Bali. It’s fast becoming a tourist attraction, mainly because of it’s magnificent beaches and seascapes. But is it worth the trouble to get there? Is it really as good as the insta images make it out to be? In this great and thorough video, PHILCAELA take us through the what’s real and what’s hype about this beautiful spot. If you’re thinking of going… definitely watch this first.

Good Advice For Travelling With A Drone

There’s no getting away from it. Drones are here to stay. They change our travel experience for the better. The style and quality of images, is simply amazing. But…and it’s a big BUT… There are laws governing how and where you can fly your drone, and those laws are different in EVERY country you visit – and the penalties can be harsh. (Swap your vacation for prison time? I don’t think so!) Jeven Dovey has 8 Great Tips For Travelling With Your Drone. Watch it, it just might save you a lot of money and heartache – and having an 7ft cell mate named ‘Bubba’!

Ten Travel Mistakes Learnt from Experience

When you usually see lists of the ’10 things to avoid/don’t do/when you travel’ they are usually big ticket items like how to book tickets etc. This list is a little different in that it’s been put together by a real traveller, not a tourist. The points Monica Church raises are personal observations that really make a difference to enjoying your time away. Do you have a list of things you gotta do before and while you travel?

Let us know in the comments. (and don’t forget to give Monica a ‘Thumbs Up!’)

Drew Hopper Contributes

Drew Hopper is an award winning travel, documentary and editorial photographer. When he isn’t travelling the world capturing spectacular moments, he calls Australia home. Captivated by the diversity of cultures, people and environment, Drew ventures far and wide to capture pictures that define his experiences with the vision that they will impact and inspire an audience in a way individual to each viewer.  We’re proud to have Drew share his insights and experience with us. We’ll have regular articles from Drew on travel photography and travel in general. Welcome Drew! Read Drew’s blog “Stand out from the Crowd” here.

Mark Harrison is Our Kind of Adventurer

He goes to some spectacular places. He shoots some wild video of magnificent places and he does it with style.Have a look at this terrific video he’s put together for Sri Lanka. He highlights the unknown spots. And you know what that means…no tourists! Check out Mark’s video below.Have you been to SL? Do you want to go? (You will after you watch this!)  Tell us in the comments.

Sunrise at Shelly

About four hours north of the five million plus city of Sydney, you’ll discover beautiful Port Macquarie. With an incredible coastline of beautiful beaches to explore – just like this one – it’s a great location If you want to escape city stress. Shelly Beach – particularly stunning at Sunrise. We’ve uploaded this video, simply because it makes us feel good.

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